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What IsTiny Teatox?

In this tiny teatox review, l will share with you my findings based on research. l am not a fan tea reviews in which one person claims to have taken the tea and concludes that it works or not. That said, Tiny Tea is a Herbal Tea, based on Chinese medicinal principles of reducing weight by detoxification.

Tiny Tea comes in two different packages, one for 14 days and the other for 28 days. It is recommended to take the tea 30 min before or after each meal.

How Tiny Teatox Works?

  • Increasing the digestive functionality of stomach enzymes.
  • Body detoxification – elimination of poisons from the body.
  • Cleaning of the digestive tract.
  • Reducing appetite due to its filling characteristics.
  • Aids release of energy as food is efficiently processed.
  • Improving skin appearance as toxins are eliminated.

Tiny Tea Teatox Ingredients

Camellia Sinensis, Catsia, Lotus Leaf, Barley, Tea, Prunella Spike, Adzuki Bean, Chrysanthemum and others. The ingredients are known to improve general wellness by improving alertness, bio-availability of food, oxidation an so forth.

How these ingredients are infused into the tea in useful quantities remains to be scientifically proven. For now, we only rely on individuals parroting that because it worked for them, then it must work for others. Fortunately, when you check Tiny Tea Teatox on Amazon the prices are quite reasonable and it is worth to give it a try.

Tiny Teatox Results

As l said before, there are is no scientific evidence which show that the tea works with weight loss. Studies have consistently showed that there is a co-relation between detoxification and weight loss. Detoxified bodies tend to loose weight.

However, correlation does not indicate causation. In any case, unless you have problems with your kidneys and/or liver, the body naturally eliminates toxins using these two organs. Additionally, most detoxification teas come with stringent conditions including cutting of high carbohydrate foods or sugary foods. Foods that would ordinarily lead to weight loss if eliminated from the diet.

Tiny Teatox Before and After

  • People often report a general increase in energy after taking the tea consistently as prescribed.
  • Improvement of sleep patterns when compared to previous periods.
  • Reduction stomach bloating.
  • Improved healthy eating when following the recommended diet.
  • General improvement in well being.

Tiny Tea Teatox Side Effects


There are reports of;

  • Stomach muscles cramping.
  • Bloating – a probable reason why others report that it is filling.
  • Nausea – probably due to the stringent diet.
  • Vomiting.

Does Tiny Teatox Really Work?

The efficacy of taking Tiny Teatox in order to reduce body toxins still need to be supported by controlled scientific research. For now one can only rely on conflicting statements on the results. The fact that you can not be foodie, take the tea and loose weight may imply that dieting is responsible for the reported results. It is well documented that exercing, eating low cab foods and lean protein may lead to weight loss. Most so called weight loss teas and supplements just act as motivators for one to follow a healthy diet as they come attached with stringent instructions.

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