Fitline Basics – PM International


Fitline Basics – PM International

PM Intenational is a Germany based company which produces Fitline products. There are plans to expand the business to United States (USA), Canada, Malaysia and various other countries. Fitline basics is a combo of a combination of energy giving, body restoration and well-being products.

Fitline basic supply is comprised of; Basics Sensitive portion bags, Restorate Sensitive, Activize Oxyplus and PowerCocktail Junior can. It is the recommended product to get started with taking the supplements. (l will be reviewing some f these products and a few others in the coming paragraphs).

The company acknowledges the need for healthy eating, exercising and adequate rest. It however realized that there is need to developed products that addresses specific bodily requirements at any given time. Whether you are exercising hard or about to retire to bed, there is something to help you along the way.

Fitline Products.

PM International has a wide range of certified products and other products are still at different stages of production.

The products can be categorized into;


The boast of coming up with the patented Nutrient Transport Concept whereby nutrients are efficiently distributed and transported to the critical parts of the body at any time. Cells are therefore nourished with the right amount of nutrients. This insures that the body operates at an optimal level thereby boosting energy levels and general well-being.

Activize Oxyplus.

Dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow to cells which boosts oxygen supply. With adequate supply of oxygen, cells produce more energy necessary for the full functioning of the body. Contains at least 5 vitamins and various nutrients. (You can visit the product description and ingredients tab to read more about the Activize Oxyplus.


Recommended for bed time consumption. Maintains nutrient and alkalinity balances in the body while you enjoy your restful sleep.


Developed under the BeautyLine. These are produced from natural ingredients. Include anti-aging features and general skin up keep. The products include Q10 Oxy Repair for invigorating the skin cells and repairing damaged cells.

However, like most supplements results of taking the products may vary across individuals. Supplements are also less regulated than than medicament which are expected to go through rigorous testing.

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