Fake Bake Spray Tan Review


Fake Bake Spray Tan Review

Fake bake, spray tanning, self tanning are all synonyms for self-tanning products.

These products are used in order to obtain a bronze appearance while keeping away from the ultraviolet rays which have a tendency to damage the skin.

Regardless of the name you use to refer to them, these lotions are the best way to get a beautiful skin all year long.

Fake Bake Ingredients.

Dihydroxyacetone or DHA is a chemical that is used to create these Fake Bake products. The darkening effects of DHA were discovered in the beginning of the 20th century.

Since then formulas have been improved and perfected so that they provide a clear glow on the body. Basically tanning by DHA is a chemical reaction that leads to the coloration of dead skin cells.

Chemically, Dihydroxyacetone is just a form of sugar. When crystals start to react to the body’s amino acids in the skin, cells turn brownish.

In addition to DHA, Erythrulose – a chemical substance that acts in the same way, but takes a relatively longer time to get the body color. Essentially, it is mixed with DHA to give you a longer lasting tan.

How to apply Fake Bake Tan products.

When you have decided to be a Fake Bake bronzer, you can apply the product by yourself or with the help of experts in the salon. The best way to get a tan is to get the product applied on you professionally.

Two of the most popular ways of tanning are:

Fake Bake Spray Tan Machine.

  •  An automatic mode where a person presses the spray button and sprays the desired parts of the body.
  • Normally, salons use the spray tanning.

Fake Bake Air Brush.

  • airbrush tanning where an individual have the tan on his or her body by making use of an airbrush.
  • If you decide to be a Fake Bake self tanner, it is extremely important to do it correctly in order to ensure that the skin remains smooth and non-blotchy.

Do You Need Sunscreen After Tanning?



You will still need to apply sunscreen even after applying Fake Tan to your body. Products for a fake-baking, do have the tendency to transform only the upper layer of the skin.

They do not have the ability to start the production of melanin in the body to protect the skin from sun rays. Since it does not promote the production of skin darkening cells, it does not protect against the sun’s why it is very important to put on some sunscreen every day before going out.

With the use of self-tanning, it is possible to get a glowing tan without exposing yourself to the sun. The tan can last for weeks depending on your bathing routine and how much you exfoliate your skin.

Essentially, tanning products used for a fake bake are fantastic to get a great tan. Due to the popularity of Fake Tan products, unscrupulous people have started producing replicas. There are complaints by people whose tan got streaky after swimming due to these poorly made replicas.

Buy Fake Tanning Original and Tips.

It is therefore, very important to make the use of a lotion from Fake Tan or reputable sources such as Amazon.

The use of cheap products can cause permanent damage to the skin.

It is also advisable to use recommended sun screens which does not react with the tan.

Let your tan fully develop before going out into the sun or going for swimming.


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